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Tretinoin cream is a derivative of vitamin A that has positive effects on acne and is therefore used for its treatment. Although it is not completely understood how Tretinoin cream works, it effectively reduces the tendency of skin cells to stick together, therefore increasing the turnover of the cells and providing for a faster skin renewal. These effects allow better healing and prevent new acne from developing. Read the information provided by the manufacturing company to learn about any compounds that you may be allergic to. In case of experiencing an allergic reaction to Tretinoin cream (skin rash, hives, trouble breathing) seek immediate medical help.

Certain heath conditions may decrease the efficiency of Tretinoin cream or cause serious side effects, they include: pregnancy or breastfeeding, taking any other medication your doctor didn't know of when he or she prescribed Tretinoin cream, eczema, high white blood cell count, or a sunburn. It's normal for the skin condition to deteriorate following the first several days of using this medication; however, that just means it is working properly; significant progress will not be seen until after a few weeks.

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